Oral Hygiene means cleaning of full mouth under the scope of dentistry. It includes cleaning of teeth and all oral tissues. Oral hygiene gets a lot of importance to avoid infection, cavities and gingivitis (swelling or inflammation of gums).

I tell my patients all the time that Oral hygiene is the first step toward dental care. Proper oral hygiene can save teeth from infection and cavities. Many people neglect oral hygiene with a thought of not having a problem, but it is a regular care which is needed.

Good oral hygiene includes:- Brushing daily twice; Cleaning of teeth, which includes removing Plague, Flossing, and Interdental brushes; Tongue cleaning; Gum care; and Oral Irrigation.

Few common conditions which occur in the absence of Oral hygiene are:-

  •  Foul-smelling breath
  •  Excessive saliva production
  •  Dry mouth
  •  Gingivitis (infection in gums)
  •  Sensitivity

Therefore, regular Oral hygiene is always recommended for healthy mouth. Pay a visit to your Dentist regularly for your Hygiene exam and keep smiling forever J

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