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When should you first take your child to the dentist? Sometime between when your baby’s teeth come in and your child’s first birthday.

At DrSimratDentistry, we always recommend that the first visit to the dentist should not be when your child is in pain. Please come and see us every six months to make future visits more successful and give your children a liftetime of oral health. Dental care should start from the infants.

Caring for your infant’s teeth

begins before a tooth is visible. From birth until about six months of age, you should clean your child’s gums. Gently rub a damp cloth over the gums after each meal.

Between six months and one year, teeth usually begin to appear. Now, it is time to brush the teeth twice each day with non-fluoride toothpaste or plain water. As soon as two teeth are touching, you should floss them every day, preferably before bedtime.

From twelve to twenty-four months, most of your child’s baby teeth should have erupted. Continue to brush twice each day with a soft toothbrush and non-fluoride toothpaste, and floss at least once each day.

During infancy, a child can reeceive cavity causing-bacteria directly from an adult with whom they are in close contact. It is imperative that you take care of your oral health seriously.

Oral Habits that can be harmful

There are variety of oral habits developed in children that can affect the normal development of their teeth and jaws. These habits can include—
Sucking a thumb or finger,sucking a pacifier could distort a normal growth of the jaw. If it continues for many years, orthodontic treatment will be necessary.

Tongue thrusting is the improper placement of the tongue when swallowing, this can result in sppech difficulties. There is a temporary treatment to affix a device to the back of the teeth to help break the habit.

Grinding teeth, which is called bruxism can also be treated with a special mouthguard for yor child to wear.

There is no need to get frustrated, with proper intervention from parents and by seeking a professional care at Dr Simrat Kaur’s well equipped dental offices in Brampton, these habits can be corrected and treated.

Cavities- early detection

Our goals are to find a cavity early to avoid complicated restoration procedures and to prevent further decay so your child can have a healthy, beautiful smile.
Cavities can be hard to see, especially when they are first starting. That is why we use a variety of technologies to help find a cavity, no matter how small or hidden away it is, so your child’s smile can be free of decay.

Treatment options include fluoride treatment if there is an early stage of decay, using remineralizing toothpaste or cleaning out minor surface decay.

If left untreated or at a more advanced stage of cavity, a restoration(filling) or a root canal procedure will be necessary.

Give your child a gift of good dental health early for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy teeth.

Kids Dentistry Brampton

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