Dr Simrat Dentistry represents the dental offices of Dr. SIMRAT KAUR and Associates, a well known name in the field of Dentistry in Brampton. We welcome you to the offices of Dr Simrat Kaur, a Brampton Dentist who strives to provide her patients a comfortable dental experience.

We are proud to offer wide range of Dental services in Brampton from three different locations. All three Brampton Dental offices serve patients from Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Springdale and Bolton. In our office, we put a smile on your face by providing comprehensive family dental care and smile-enhancing dentistry. At Dr. Simrat Dentistry, it is our goal to keep your smile looking and feeling great by helping you maintain your optimal oral health.

We provide you with the information, advice and care that you need, to make informed decisions about your and your family’s dental health. We hope that you find this website informative and enjoyable and we encourage you to call us at 905-456-7700 with any questions that you may have relating to the health or appearance of your smile.

Think of us for family dental care, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere.

Simrat Dentistry hosts premiere family dentistry in Brampton run by knowledgeable and friendly dental team and the staff. We are committed to patient communication and believe it to be the foundation of any strong patient-dental office relationship. We ensure that every patient receives the best dental care available.

We welcome you to join for complete family dental care in a comfortable and relaxed environment to discover your healthiest smile. To schedule an appointment with this affordable Brampton dentist, call 905-456-7700.

We provide various services like Orthodontics, implants and cosmetic dentistry among others.


We provide customized solution and consultation for problems with a missing tooth, a missing series of teeth or dentures which come loose at the most awkward moments. Implants are one of several options we have for replacing missing teeth. Replacing the missing teeth not only improves the look of your smile, it can also stop teeth from drifting out of place while improving your speech, and allows you to eat a wider variety of foods.


We provide a range of orthodontic treatment and procedures, for young children to adults, which are necessary for maintaining excellent oral health. We correct misalignment and straighten the teeth which are in general more healthier as they are easier to clean, less prone to decay and may help to alleviate other health issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry
If you have ever felt embarrassed and covered your mouth when you laugh or declined to smile for a picture, you will feel great to know that the latest cosmetic treatments can make a real noticeable difference in the look of your smile, in a lot less time than you think. We have a number of aesthetic treatments that will brighten your smile and give you a greater sense of confidence.

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